Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two tips for your CSA flower picking

We are finally getting a nice quantity of flowers in our CSA fields. Our members enjoyed picking some beautiful bouquets today!

We spend so much time communicating about our CSA vegetables, I thought I'd do a quick blog post on some ideas I saw in the fields today.

First, Debbie Wickham's bouquet from this morning. Do you see what is making her colors pop? That's kale! Red kale to be precise. So consider cutting a few leaves of red kale for your bouquet. Kale is on u-pick pretty much all season long.

And this is Tracy's bouquet. Here's a transporting tip: bring a tall travel coffee mug filled with water to upick. When you're done picking, put the flowers in the cup, and put it in the cup holder of your car. No spilling!

Looking forward to lots more beautiful bouquets this year!

Monday, January 27, 2014

New addition: The Grab & Go Share

For the past two years, we've conducted surveys of our CSA membership, and generally the feedback has been extremely positive. That is why we will continue to offer our full and biweekly shares without substantial changes in 2014. (Information on those shares can be found on our website.)

Of concern to us, though, was feedback from folks who tell us they have been overwhelmed by the quantity of food they receive in their full or biweekly shares. Some have small families; others have limited time for food preparation.

In response to that feedback, we are offering a new share: The Grab & Go Share. Here's how it differs from our full and half shares:
- Pick up is every week (18-20 weeks) on Tuesdays.
- Smaller size: 6-10 items per week, with an emphasis on the more commonly used crops. This makes it a good size for couples, singles and people who are busy.
- Prepacked for convenience: It will be ready for you to take home in a collapsible, reusable container. Just pick it up, take it home, and return the container the following week.
- Choose pickup at one of three locations:  Wickham Farms; the UPS Store at 300 Hylan Drive in Henrietta (across from Marketplace Mall); the UPS Store at 106 Cobblestone Court in Victor (across from Eastview Mall).
- The price is $395 for the 18-20 week growing season.
- U-pick flowers, herbs and bonus crops are not included, but you may add it for $125 for the entire season.

This share is also available for delivery to businesses or to a central area in a neighborhood. If you would like for Bill Wickham to speak to your business or neighborhood group regarding this share, please email us at

For more information about the new Grab & Go Share, visit our website. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at